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Misconceptions and urban legends have a habit of never truly fading away. Particularly so in the exciting and competitive arena of the casino world. Most of the time, the stories aren’t true, and there isn’t much evidence to back them up. However, stories keep coming back to throw even the most seasoned gamers off their game.

Can dealers cheat or influence your hand? Or are all the games based solely on luck? Do other players have an influence on your hand? There is no truth to any of these. We have tasked ourselves with refuting the three most common casino dealing myths for anyone thinking about going to a card dealer school and setting out the facts about casinos for everyone to understand.

Myth 1: Dealers Can Cheat Or Influence The Hand

Casinos are, at their core, a business. Therefore, they work hard to make a profit and stay afloat. This apparently simple concept is known as the house advantage or house edge, and it applies to all games, from slots to table games. 

The house edge, as they’ll teach you in casino dealer schools, is the amount of money that will always go back to the casino or, alternatively, the percentage of money that will always go to the house when players lose. These odds ensure that the house will win, or payout, over the long term. There is a possibility to win against the odds in each game in the short run; all you have to do is choose the appropriate game.

Dealers have responsibilities at a casino, such as spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards. Still, they should not interfere with the game in any way to avoid negative consequences for the business. They don’t have to cheat to win. 

Myth 2: Other Players Have An Influence On Your Hand 

After each hand of blackjack is delivered, the odds that the following card will be an ace or a deuce shift. That’s the main idea behind card counting.

Players err when they think that the actions of other players are altering the distribution of the deck; we’ll confess that we once held this view passionately.

The allocation of cards remains in place until the deck is reshuffled or replaced. Percentages should be determined based on a time-ordered series of actions. 

Whatever the number of people at the table, it will always be the same. It also makes no difference how many cards they request or do not request, as you will quickly learn in any card dealer school.

In certain cases, you may request too many or too few cards. The dealer might get 21 or bust. What the other players do has no bearing on any of it. It seems sensible to point out that if Dean over there gets an ace, your chances of getting the ace you need will drop. You’re somewhat right, but you’re also wrong.

Chance plays a role, and there’s no assurance that you’ll win. There are two main considerations for a good blackjack player when making a move:

  • The hand they’ve been dealt
  • Any card that is now facing up in the dealer’s hand(s)

The game is unaffected by anything else. Either you get one card too many, or not enough cards. Once you make a stand or bust, the game is over for you.

It is the house regulations that determine the dealer’s play. You are not competing against the skill of the dealer. You are up against the vagaries of chance and the house’s tactics.

Myth 3: All The Games Are Based Solely On Luck 

There is no denying the role that chance plays in the outcome of a gamble. Indeed, anything may occur. All good Las Vegas casino dealing schools teach you that success in gambling isn’t a matter of chance but rather of the informed decisions you make based on your knowledge and analysis. The odds of winning at some casino games are much higher than at others. You may see these parallels reflected in the odds that they offer.

The odds are constantly being fine-tuned based on the collective wisdom of experts and casual observers alike. This indicates that competition is high, making it difficult to generate a profit from arbitrary choices. Since winning at gambling requires more than just a bit of good fortune, you’ll need a strategy to pick the odds in your favor.

These Are Just Myths

The casino industry will never not have myths. Gamblers are superstitious by nature. However, if you’re going to be a card dealer, you should be aware of these myths. You’ll likely come across them in your studies at your card dealer school

In your hopefully long and illustrious career, you will hear a lot more easily debunked myths. Enroll in an online card dealer school cohort with us at Vegas Gaming Academy.

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