What is Vegas Gaming Academy

Vegas Gaming Academy is a premier training institution offering expert courses for individuals aspiring to become proficient casino dealers. With seasoned instructors from the Las Vegas Strip, we provide one-on-one interactive instruction through Zoom, delivering a comprehensive understanding of casino dealing mechanics and techniques.

What Do Casino Dealers Do?

As a casino dealer, it’s your job to give patrons a magical, fun experience. This includes:

  • Explain game rules
  • Deal cards and distribute other materials relevant to the game
  • Collect bets and deal winnings
  • Watch for suspicious behavior to prevent theft or cheating
  • Create a friendly, positive atmosphere for customers

Online Casino Dealing Lessons

Vegas Gaming Academy offers online courses that teach you how to become a casino dealer. The school is based in Las Vegas, the world’s biggest city for recreational gambling. However, our courses can be taken from anywhere at any time! Each Zoom class is recorded so you can learn the content according to your schedule. Our flexibility is unmatched.

How to Become a Casino Dealer

The process is easy and affordable if you’re wondering how to become a casino dealer. By attending dealer schools in Las Vegas or a casino dealer school online, you can learn the best techniques and trends to wow potential employers and their customers.


We pride ourselves in providing you with the best training of any casino dealer school online! Here’s what you should expect when you enroll in one of our courses:

  • Taught by some of the most qualified connoisseurs in the field
  • Interactive, individualized instruction
  • Content that is up-to-date with the latest trends and most effective methods
  • All the supplies you need for success, including manuals, cards, game table layouts, weight cheques, dealing shoes, dice, buttons, and more
  • Excellent job placement with incredible earning potential
  • Completely flexible and available worldwide!

Ready to Start Your Hot Streak?

Jackpot! Vegas Gaming Academy is ready to take your bet as you begin your career as one of the best up-and-coming casino dealers in the field! Our flexible courses have everything you need to be an easy hire in the world’s most amazing casinos. From Vegas to Monte Carlo, you’ll be ready to win big in this compelling field!