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Do you have questions about the value of a casino dealer school? If you have already decided to enroll in a dealing school, or you’re teetering on the decision, there are a few major benefits you should know about training at dealing schools in Las Vegas. From learning at the hands of experts in the industry to getting placed at a job immediately after the course completion, a good dealer school will give you a leg up in a lucrative career field. This article will go over the ins and outs of what great dealing schools in Las Vegas look like, so you can choose the right course for your career.

Why Attend a Dealing School?

There are few requirements needed to succeed as a dealer, but fortunately, you only need to be 18 with a GED to enter a casino dealer school. Besides that, a natural talent for math, counting, and people skills are the top qualities you should strive to possess.

Enrolling in a casino dealer school means you’re enrolling in a trade school. For many people, this can be a lucrative career move, as you have the potential to earn much more than back-of-house hospitality staff because of the tips. Not only that, but the industry is steadily growing, meaning that there are plenty of job opportunities out there if you are willing to put in the work and invest in proper training.

Your lessons will consist of either all of the games or as little variety as you choose. It’s helpful to train in multiple areas, as that versatility will make your skills more valuable to employers and may lead to higher pay. Plus, you’ll be able to apply for more jobs, doubling the chances of finding a high-paying position.

Learning from the Best

One of the biggest benefits of attending dealing schools in Las Vegas is learning from the industry’s best. Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest casinos in the world, and top people in the business have turned to instruction so they can give back to an industry they love. With a casino dealer school online, you won’t miss out on essential teacher/student interaction–or at least you won’t miss out at Vegas Gaming Academy, as we offer one-on-one personalized instruction to help you learn from the best.

Supplies Given

Some schools require students to buy their equipment to get started, and online schools rarely provide the necessary items. Be sure to consider what a casino dealer online school offers you in terms of supplies, as you will then need to find additional funds on top of their tuition for these items. The basic things you need to begin as a dealer are:

  • Dice
  • Decks of cards
  • Dealing shoes
  • Chips and chip trays
  • Table game layout

You’ll use these items to practice effectively and hone your skills to professional-level quality. Since you will be doing an audition when applying for your first job out of school, you should work on speed and accuracy using the essential dealer items.

Helpful Lessons

When you enroll in a casino dealer school online over a traditional brick-and-mortar place, you enjoy many more benefits in your lessons. These may include:


When you attend an online school, you can do your lessons anytime and anywhere. As most people have to work in order to survive, fitting in class times can be challenging. Fortunately, with online schooling, you’ll be able to plan your education around existing jobs you may have. You’ll also cut down on any extra travel time and expenses from going to in-person classes.

Replay Challenging or Complicated Lessons

Sometimes lessons are more difficult than others, or your mind just wasn’t in the right place to learn quickly that day. Whatever the issue, it’s necessary to go over the material again to gain a better understanding. With online classes, you have the option to replay lessons over again. Not only is this helpful when brushing up on material you don’t understand, but it also eliminates the need to take notes. So, instead of worrying about note-taking during a lesson, you can be fully mentally present in the class at hand.

Study at Your Pace

Everyone learns at different speeds. With an in-person lesson, it’s easy to get left behind during a full class, leaving you with more questions than answers. With an online class, you still get personalized attention, but at your own pace. This is especially helpful for those with jam-packed schedules, as you can fit in learning around your time.

Valuable Job Insight About Casinos

Working with seasoned industry experts will give you insight into the job environment. Sometimes, schools even offer training dedicated to security skills and developing confidence and speed. When choosing what courses to take, stick to your budget and goals. Having knowledgeable teachers is the most important thing when it comes to choosing the right casino dealer school for you.

Successful Job Placements

After attending one of the dealing schools in Las Vegas, you can expect to get a job pretty soon after you’ve completed your courses. Most schools specifically aim to get you placed by going over performances and skills with you. This kind of testing will prepare you for the audition you will have at a job interview. Since you’ve worked with experienced industry vets, this audition should be easy for you to ace. Schools are also well-connected in the casino community and have contacts and reputations with those hiring dealers. Let us help you get your foot in the door!

There are many benefits to attending dealing schools. Understanding the benefits of what the top schools are offering will enable you to choose the school that is best for you and the future of your career. Ultimately, you want to choose the school that offers the most value for your time, money, and future. At Vegas Gaming Academy, you can expect all the benefits listed above with the courses we currently offer to prospective dealers. Browse our website to learn more and schedule your first course today.

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