What’s the Dealer’s Main Job?

Essentially, the dealer has to balance a whole bunch of different jobs at the same time. First off, they have to follow the rules and make sure that everyone around the table is doing the same. It’s important that the dealers themselves are playing fairly. This means they have to have a deep knowledge and understanding of the gameplay of the particular game that they’re presiding over.

In order to attract players to their games tables, the dealers need to be able to put on a show. They have to bring a happy and optimistic attitude to their work. A bored-looking dealer is going to be a very unattractive prospect on the casino gaming floor. To that end, it’s important that they do that job with flair. That they make the games as engaging as possible. This is because it’s essential for the casino’s business, and for the dealer’s pay packet, that the seats around his table are always full.

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