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Do you intend to become a blackjack casino dealer? Here are not just tips on becoming a blackjack dealer but a successful one at that. See for yourself.


How to Become a Successful Blackjack Dealer

Blackjack is a popular casino game that attracts lots of players hoping to make a quick win. Despite the simplicity of this game, a third party is needed to oversee the game. This third party is the blackjack dealer. 

The dealer is just as crucial to the overall casino experience as the cards they deal. While a skilled dealer with the correct demeanor may help a losing player enjoy the game, an amateur dealer who is unwelcoming can just as quickly dampen the excitement of a winning player.

If you want to become a successful casino dealer who finds the job both financially and personally fulfilling, there are a few fundamental qualities that are most crucial. In this article, we highlight 8 attributes essential for successful blackjack dealers.


8 Attributes of a Successful Blackjack Dealer

These attributes are a sure bet to making you a very successful blackjack dealer. They are:

Vast Knowledge of the Game

You don’t want to be dealing blackjack and not know the game’s rules, especially if a player asks about it. On the other hand, some players might take advantage of you if you are unfamiliar with the specifics of the game.

These specifics go beyond the nuances of the gameplay and its regulations. Successful dealers are aware of betting strategies, techniques, and odds. Though most casinos forbid dealers from advising players on gaming probabilities, dealers who know the game well can assist players without flouting the blackjack rules.


Regular practice

Blackjack dealing is a form of muscle memory training, much like music or sport. As a result, as you practice your craft more, you get better at it, becoming second nature. In spite of their training in a dealer school, successful dealers are constantly working to advance their careers. They practice often to sharpen their card and chip handling abilities. A blackjack dealer stops growing and plunges into a downward spin if they believe they have already attained the highest degree of professionalism or have sufficiently mastered the skills necessary for blackjack dealing.


Protect the integrity of the game

You must prioritize maintaining the fairness of the game. The dealer won’t have a job for long if they aren’t safeguarding the game. Experienced dealers are aware of cheating methods and can spot them while playing the game. Successful dealers quickly notice marked cards, body language, or fraudsters’ methods.

Without attracting the attention of other players, successful casino dealers are skilled in getting pit managers to take note of the questionable behavior of some gamblers. This is in addition to the fact that they can stop cheaters right in their tracks.

Put on a Show

The dealer has a lot of power over the ambiance at the table. Even if the cards aren’t landing perfectly, everyone wins if everyone is having fun. Players often desire entertainment, and if they get this frequently, the casino will make a profit, especially since the players will stay longer in the casino and spend more money.  Additionally, infusing humor to the game as a blackjack dealer will make your job more pleasurable, attract more pleasant customers, and ultimately increase your income because you’ll receive more tips.


Understands Players’ Psychology

Successful dealers can subtly reassure a worried player, encourage a winning player to stay longer at the table, and engage a bored player in conversation. In other words, a good dealer can approach and establish rapport with everyone. This quality is crucial for a casino dealer. 

Casinos cannot function profitably if players do not have a great time at a table. In addition, they might decide not to return if they feel unwelcome when they leave the casino.

Successful dealers can also sense the player’s mood to select the best communicational approach. One of the things people have to learn to be a blackjack dealer is how to communicate effectively. Dealers are trained not to be overbearing. Even when speaking to a dependable and well-known client, they are not to be rude or ask ridiculous questions.



Blackjack dealers are the face of the casino. Players will want to stay at your table longer if you look and smell good. Therefore, presenting yourself in the most impressive way possible is crucial. In a casino dealer school, all dealers are trained to wear spick-and-span attire, have a tidy appearance, and smell lovely. The dealer should appear as professional as a new pin, even if the players on the other side of the table are inebriated.


Thick skin

The anger is frequently focused on the dealer because players rarely like to take responsibility when they lose money. They might shout and yell at you. Ashtrays and playing cards may be tossed your way, but don’t take it personally. In a dealer school, dealers are taught to have a thick skin and let things roll off their backs.


Greedy dealers appear sad and repulsive. No one will enjoy dealing with them. Such dealers beg for tips and don’t hide their excitement when players lose. These dealers will likely compromise gaming standards and defeat the game’s purpose. On the other hand, respectable blackjack casino dealers value their reputation. They cannot afford to cheat, let alone beg for tips.


Logical in Approaching Superstitions

According to, some players can be pretty superstitious. They have a lot of preconceived notions about good or bad luck. As a result, they frequently ignore their chances of winning by the game’s rules while making absurd assumptions to attract luck. Such gamblers seek out lucky tables, avoid playing with specific dealers, carry amulets, and engage in other behaviors supposedly designed to attract good luck.

In handling such players, do the following:

  • Show respect

Other players frequently smile due to their actions because it seems absurd. A skilled dealer, however, must treat all players equally and fairly. This means that such superstitious players must equally be accorded some respect. Therefore, players are free to act any way they like as long as they don’t break any of the casino’s accepted gaming or behavior regulations.

  • Ignore the taunts

Unlucky gamblers frequently attribute their mistakes to someone other than themselves. They may relieve their feelings against the dealer, blaming the dealer for fraud and other wrongdoings. A seasoned dealer knows that players don’t truly mean what they say when upset. Regular gamblers frequently cause scandals and then return to apologize. It is a seemingly endless cycle. Dealers inevitably have to put up with these taunts.

  • Ensure fairness

A professional code of ethics ingrained from a casino dealer school, is that dealers cannot give in to superstitions so much so that even if they agree with such superstitious beliefs, this shouldn’t interfere with their work. It is not appropriate for a dealer to alter how the cards are shuffled, cut the chips differently, or make other unlawful adjustments to the game.


Concluding Thoughts

A successful dealer ought to be able to accommodate every type of player. As a blackjack dealer, you must find a means to engage with every type of player while upholding the integrity of the game.

Anyone can become a successful blackjack dealer if they follow the rules of the book. It’s really that simple. However, anyone can adjust more quickly and learn the rules of the book if they formally learn to be a blackjack dealer.

You can enroll in our casino school to learn all the rudiments of being a successful dealer. What we offer is hands-on training on the game and top-notch professionalism. You will be glad you enrolled. Reach us today! 

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