4 Carnival Games: UTH, Let it Ride, 3 Card Poker and Raise’em Poker



Course Description: Take your dealing skills to the next level by learning how to deal four popular poker variants: Ultimate Texas Hold’em (UTH), Let It Ride, Raise ’em Poker, and 3 Card Poker. In this comprehensive course, you’ll learn the rules, procedures, and techniques for dealing each game, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for players. By mastering the art of dealing these games, you’ll: * Increase your employability as a dealer in casinos and poker rooms * Enhance your skills and confidence in dealing different poker variants * Provide a professional and enjoyable experience for players * Stay up-to-date with industry standards and best practices In this course, you’ll learn: * The rules and mechanics of each game * Dealing procedures and techniques for each game * How to handle common situations and disputes * Tips for maintaining a professional demeanor and providing excellent customer service * Industry standards for shuffling, cutting, and handling cards Why take this course? * Increase your earning potential as a dealer by mastering in-demand games * Enhance your career opportunities in the gaming industry * Provide a high-quality experience for players, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty * Stay ahead of the competition by mastering the latest poker variants and dealing techniques 3 Hrs | ILT| Workbook

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