Roulette: American AND European



Course Description The Roulette Dealer class is a comprehensive training program designed to teach individuals the skills and techniques required to become a professional Single Zero or Double Zero Roulette dealer. In this class, students will learn the rules and procedures of Roulette, including how to operate the roulette wheel, handle bets, and conduct the game with efficiency and professionalism. The class begins with an introduction to the basic rules and layout of the Roulette table. Students will learn about the various types of bets, their payouts, and the odds associated with each bet. They will also learn how to handle chips, interact with players, and maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. The class focuses on developing the necessary technical skills, such as spinning the wheel with precision, accurately placing bets on the layout, and announcing the winning numbers in a clear and concise manner. Students will also be trained in chip handling, chip counting, and managing the game’s pace to ensure smooth gameplay. You will learn about racetrack and neighbor bets in this specialized roulette game. Additionally, the American Roulette Dealer class covers important aspects of customer service, including how to handle player inquiries, resolve conflicts, and maintain a professional demeanor throughout the game. Students will also be taught how to detect and prevent cheating or suspicious behavior, ensuring the integrity of the game. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: The class may include both theoretical and practical components, with students having the opportunity to practice their skills in simulated casino settings. By the end of the class, participants should have a solid understanding of American Roulette rules and procedures and be prepared to pursue employment as a certified American Roulette dealer in a casino environment. Why take this course? Taking roulette class adds a level of professionalism and versatility to your casino industry skill set, increasing employability and potentially boosting earnings. 480 mins | ILT | Test

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