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While training to be a casino dealer, you learn all about the ins and outs of the game. You learn the rules, how to be an effective dealer, how to protect the casino’s interests and more. However, knowing good customer service practices, the correct etiquette for each table, and more is equally as important. After all, you can’t be a good casino dealer if you don’t have people to deal to!

When you attend casino dealer school, your instructors will go over a list of rules for each game and tips for you to follow to make the best of your time as a casino dealer. Whether you’re at one of the casino dealing schools in Las Vegas or taking a class at your local community college, they’ll make sure that you understand what it takes to be a great casino dealer.

Here are some of the etiquette tips you should keep in mind as both a player and a dealer:

Craps Tips

When you take on the role of a craps dealer, the casino dealing schools in Las Vegas or your local casino dealing schools are going to make sure that you have all of the basic tools that you need to succeed. However, they may not go over all of the tips that you should keep in the back of your mind. Here are some to take note of:

Never Hand the Dealer Cash

In general, dealers in Las Vegas aren’t allowed to take cash you hand them, and this includes your craps dealer. In short, it’s just a way to make sure that everything stays above board–seeing you hand a dealer cash on camera doesn’t look good for either you or your craps dealer.

Instead, if you want to buy in, place your money or chips on the table between rounds. Make eye contact with your craps dealer and tell them that you want in.

Keep Your Dice Visible

One of the biggest no-nos in craps is to move your dice underneath the table. With so many ways to cheat in casino games, like weighted dice, carrying extra cards and more, it’s important to ensure your dealer knows where the dice are at all times. You’ll notice that dealing schools in Las Vegas and across the country will discuss this in detail with you when you’re going through crap dealer training, but it’s still important to mention here. As a dealer, you must remain vigilant at the table at all times.

Hands High

“Hands high” is a term used in craps when the dice are handed over to the shooter. When you hear the term “hands high” while playing craps, then you should immediately lift your hands from the table to not interfere with play. It’s important not to obscure the table at this time.

Baccarat Tips

Baccarat, while not as popular as craps or blackjack, is still a widely played game in the casino circuit. Here’s what you need to know:

Know What You’re Doing

Keep in mind that coming to the baccarat table and asking a lot of questions about the gameplay is frowned upon. Clarifying questions are okay, but trying to get the full gameplay idea from your dealer in the middle of the game is not something you should do. This is distracting and frustrating to other players, so as a dealer, you’ll want to politely ask these casino visitors to stop questions during gameplay.

Dealing schools in Las Vegas will comb over the rules with you step by step. While you can help players that come to your table, stopping the game to fully explain the rules is not something you should do.


Baccarat is a social game, so you should put your best foot forward to be social when you approach a table. Introduce yourself as you take a seat and greet the other players. Don’t be surprised to find yourself in very intense conversations while you’re at the baccarat table. As long as you continue to pay attention to the game, you’re sure to have amazing conversations with the players.

Tip the Dealer

Whenever you’re playing at a casino table, whether it’s baccarat or another game, a good rule of thumb is to tip the dealer, even if you’re at a loss. The idea of this is that you want to show the dealer that you appreciate their time and attention to you while you were at the table, even if you don’t win. Before you tip or accept tips, be sure you understand the rules below.

Blackjack Tips

Because blackjack is so popular, there are quite a few blackjack dealer rules and table rules that must be followed. Whether you’re heading to the table to play, or you’re getting ready to deal, here are some of the tips you should know:

Never Hand the Dealer Money

If you’re a player at a blackjack table, you should never hand the dealer any kind of cash or chips. At the casino, the camera is always watching the table, and passing the dealer any kind of cash at the table is suspicious because it can’t all be seen. Instead, lay your money out on the table so that it can be recorded by the cameras. This is one of the cardinal blackjack dealer rules that everyone must follow, so don’t be surprised if you’re escorted out for not following it!

Use Hand Signals

Just as it’s important to lay all of your money out on the table, the same rule applies to calling your next move. When you want to hit or stand, saying “hit” or “stand” to the dealer isn’t enough. You need to use hand signals to signify this as well. This is because the cameras can’t hear you tell your dealer what you want, but they can pick up on the hand signals.

As a dealer, dealing schools in Las Vegas or at your casino will go over all of the hand signals and motions for you to know. It’s important to commit these to memory so that you know what your players are signaling for you to do.

Vegas Gaming Academy

At the Vegas Gaming Academy, we know that going to a casino dealer school can get your foot in the door and give you a leg up on the competition for casino dealer jobs. As one of the premiere dealing schools in Las Vegas, we offer classes on how to be a craps dealer, a blackjack dealer, or a baccarat dealer. We want to help give you the tools to succeed and make you into a truly standout casino dealer. If you’re interested in our classes, check out our website and see what we have to offer. We look forward to helping you move forward in your career.

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